Turkey In The Fence


Aim, coordination, goaltending, cognitive skills


Any number of children


2 rubber balls


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to hit each other with the balls.


The object of the game is to keep your "turkeys" safe inside the circle.


Set up the children in a tight circle. Place a spot on the floor along the circle where each child should stand. Place 2 rubber balls in the circle. The balls are the turkeys the children will be trying to keep safe inside the fence.


On ‘go’ the children with a ball must swat the ball towards other children with their hands. Their objective is to either swat the ball past other players on the circle for 1 point, or to swat it between another player’s feet for 2 points.

It is a continuous game so the kids cannot let down their guard.

Once a score happens or both balls get stuck in the middle of the circle, the group calls a time out to get the balls and re-start.

The tighter the circle is, the better the game will go. If you have a lot of kids, use a bigger circle, but a small number of kids can make a smaller circle.

After a few minutes, have the kids switch groups or switch spots on the circle.

Track both balls at the same time to keep engaged in the game.

Swat the ball coming at you using your right hand and left hand, not just your dominant hand.

Get down low to the ground to defend both sides.


To make it harder, use more balls in the game. Add more balls to make it more  difficult for kids to track the balls.

To make it easier, use fewer balls in the game. Limit it to 2 balls so kids can track the balls easily.