100 Meter Dash


Speed, agility, balance, coordination, gross motor


As many children as you have in the class


Chalk for drawing lines


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to bump into one another or trip by losing balance


Who is the fastest? Divide your class into groups of 4 and have them race 100 meters to find out!


Map out an area with chalk or tape to create running lanes. It does not have to necessarily be 100 meters, it could be less if needed. Run children in groups of 4 children at a time. Try to pick a level running area - possibly on the grass for added safety.


Divide your class into groups of 4 children.

Have each group run a race to determine a winner.

When all the groups are done, start having all the winners race against each other until you have the top 4 children in the class run in the final race.

The child that wins the final race is the class champion.

At the end of the race, you can award certificates to the children and have them stand on a mock podium to receive their awards. Of course, the rest of the children can get participating certificates.


Adjust the distance of the race or use a different locomotor (hop, skip, crab walk, etc.)

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