Alien Encounter


A creative and fun game that encourages kids to imagine they've met an alien and introduce it to others.


2 or more


Sheets of paper, markers or crayons, and a hat or bowl.


Provide each child with a sheet of paper and drawing utensils. Also, have a hat or bowl in the middle of the circle.


1. Each child is asked to imagine they've just met an alien. This alien can look like anything they want, it just can't look like a human or any known creature.

2. They then draw this alien on their sheet of paper.

3. Once everyone is done, all the drawings are folded and placed into the hat.

4. The hat is passed around, and each child draws a picture.

5. Each child then introduces the alien they've drawn as if they were introducing a new friend, describing what the alien likes to do, where it comes from, and so on.

6. After everyone has gone, you can discuss the wide variety of aliens and the importance of diversity and imagination.


For younger kids, they can simply draw and show their alien, and tell its name.


To make it more challenging for older kids, they can write a short backstory for their alien, detailing its home planet, how it communicates, or any special abilities it might have.

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