Valentine's Balloon Race


Eye-hand coordination, balance speed, footwork


Any size group of even teams


10-20 Valentine's balloons (heart-shaped or red), milk crate or large container


Inside or outside


Watch where you are going so you do not bump into others


Students will attempt to tap their balloon down to the end of the room and land it in a milk crate, in this fun Valentine's race!  If a balloon hits the ground, it is the next child's turn to try to score a point.  First to 10 points wins!


Set up 2 courses with a milk crate at one end and a starting cone at the other.


Divide the children into 2 teams.  Children form a line at the cone for each team.  The first kid in each line is given an inflated balloon.

On the command of go, the first kid in each line begins tapping the balloon up in the air while moving toward the milk crate. They are not allowed to hold or carry the balloon. It must be continuously tapped as they move.

When they reach the milk crate they tap the ball in to score a point. Then they can pick it up and carry it back to the next kid in line. Repeat as a relay race.

If a balloon hits the ground, the child must pick it up, return to the link and hand it off to the next child. If the balloon pops, replace it immediately with a backup.

Whichever team scores more points after 10 minutes is the winner.


Make it easier by eliminating the crate.  Just have the kids tap the balloon from one end of the course to the other (marked by cones), then carry it back.