Story Circle


A fun and collaborative storytelling game that promotes creativity, listening skills, and quick thinking.


6 or more


A soft throwable object like a small plush toy or beach ball.


Arrange all the kids to sit in a circle. The leader holds the throwable object. Introduce the game and its rules, ensuring all participants understand.


1. The leader initiates the storytelling by coming up with the beginning of a story. This could be as simple as "Once upon a time, in a land far away..."

2. The leader then gently throws the object to a child in the circle.

3. The child who catches the object continues the story, adding a new event or detail.

4. After adding their part to the story, the child then gently throws the object to another participant.

5. This child catches the object, adds onto the story, and then throws the object to someone else.

6. This pattern continues, with each child building on the story and then passing the object.

7. Encourage the children to listen to each other carefully to ensure the story flows logically.

8. The game concludes when the story has reached a natural ending, or every child has contributed at least once.


For younger children, the leader can provide a story prompt, theme, or start with a well-known fairy tale to help them get started.


For older children, introduce elements like plot twists, character quirks, or specific words that the next storyteller has to incorporate. This will add complexity and an element of challenge to the story.

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