Crazy Train


An action mimicry game that builds a spirit of unity and synchronization while also developing observation and quick thinking.


6 or more




Have all the children stand in a straight line with the leader at the head. Explain the rules of the game and demonstrate an example to ensure understanding.


1. The leader, standing at the head of the line, starts by doing a distinctive movement. This could be a dance step, a pose, or a fun gesture.

2. All players must pay attention to the leader's movement.

3. The next kid in line must mimic the leader's movement as exactly as possible.

4. After successfully mimicking the movement, they then turn to the kid behind them and perform the same movement.

5. This kid, after observing carefully, mimics the movement and turns to the next player to pass it on.

6. This chain continues down the line until the last child in the line performs the movement.

7. Once the movement has successfully traveled down the line, the leader starts a new round with a new movement.

8. The game continues until everyone has had a turn to lead or a set number of rounds has been completed.


For younger children, use simpler and easy-to-follow movements like jumping, clapping, or waving.


For older kids, the leader can make the movements more complex, like a series of dance steps or actions with a rhythm, to increase the challenge.

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