Fitness Egg Hunt


Muscle strength and endurance


Any amount of kids divided equally


30-40 plastic Easter eggs, 4 cones


Inside or outside


Remind children to be aware of their surroundings


Students will hunt for eggs that contain fitness challenges that they must complete in order to earn points. The first team to get to 100 points first wins the "Fitness Egg Hunt"!


Spread out hollow, plastic Easter eggs all over the room.   Put 1 fitness note with an exercise inside each egg.  Examples could be 5 push-ups, 10 jumping jacks, 9 windmills, etc. 


Divide your class into 2 teams.

Section off the area into 3 sections (as seen imn the image).  One section is for Team A, another section for team B, and the last section for the eggs.

Give each child on both teams a number.  For example, if each team has 7 kids per team, the numbers should range from 1-7 for each child participating.

On 'go' the kids on both teams who are number 1 walk to the egg section and pick up 1 egg.  Once they pick up an egg, they will open it and read the message out loud.  If the child on team A says 5 push-ups, team B has to do 5 push-ups.  Once completed, team B receives 5 points.  Then the other #1 reads the contents of their egg.  The process continues for #2-#7.  The first team to get to 100 points first wins!


To make it harder, make the challenges inside the eggs more challenging.

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