Over The Clover


Speed, agility, balance, coordination


Two teams with an even amount of kids


8 hula hoops, 4 milk crates, 50 bean bags




Children should be aware of their surroundings being careful not to trip over hula hoops or bumping into people


In this relay race, students must hop through the clover shaped hula hoops, grab a beanbag (gold) and return to their line. The first team to gather 20 pieces of gold wins the race!


This is set up as a traditional relay race. Set up two sets of 4 hula hoops together in the middle of the room (as shown in diagram)to symbolize a 4-leaf clover. Put a milk crate filled with bean bags behind each set of hula hoops as well a milk crate at the starting line. The milk crate and bean bags symbolize a pot of gold.


Have the children form two lines, with one child behind the other. On the command of ‘go’ the first child must run towards the 4 hula hoops for their team. They must hop with two feet into all 4 hula hoops one at a time.

Once they complete that, they must run to the pot of gold and grab one piece of gold (bean bag) and then run back towards the hula hoops jumping with two feet into each hula hoop. When they return to the line they must drop their bean bag into the milk crate at the beginning of line.

Once the bean bag is dropped into the milk crate, tag the next child to go through the same process.

If a child touches a hula hoop at all, they must forfeit their turn and go back to the end of the line waiting patiently for their next turn. If a child touches the hula hoop on the way back with the piece of gold, they must return the gold to the milk crate they took it from and go back to their line and wait for their next turn. The first team to fill their milk crate with 20 bean bags first wins the race.


Harder: hop on one foot. Easier: only traverse the hula hoops in one direction.