Parachute Name Game


Socialization, teamwork


No limit




Inside or outside


Make sure children firmly grip the parachute to ensure everyone's safety


A socialization activity where children get to know their new classmates/teammates


Place the children in a circle and have them hold an edge of a parachute.  Give each child a number to represent when it is their turn to go. Always go over the safety rules so the children know what your expectations are.


When the class is ready, each child should grab onto the parachute with 2 hands.

When the music starts, the children needs to walk carefully in a circle while holding on to the parachute.

When the music stops, the teacher yells out a number as the children must now lift the parachute into the air without letting go.

The child whose number is called runs to the middle, calls out their name, and quickly returns to their spot before the parachute comes down.

When the music starts again to repeat the process.

When a child’s number is called, they must be agile and quick as they run into the center to get out of the parachute before it comes down.


Make it easier: Only call 1 number at a time when the children run into the middle.

Make it harder: Call 2 children at a time to run into the center. When the 2 kids go into the center, they must high five each other before stating their names.