Partner Balance


Improve teamwork, social comfort


4 or more




It is important to teach students that supporting one another is an important social skill. A partner balance is the perfect activity to accomplish this. Put the students in pairs of two or three.


1. Once the students are in groups, ask them to hold hands.

2. When the teacher says ‘go’ all the students in the group must balance on one foot.

3. The partner's support is designed to help each other balance.

4. When the teacher says switch, the group has 2 seconds to now balance on the opposite foot.

5. The teacher should yell ‘switch’ every 10 seconds.

6. After a few minutes, discuss how having a partner helped you stay balanced and not fall down. Ask the kids how they can support their friends in other parts of life


Try this activity with larger groups of 5-10 kids all balancing together in a circle

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