Pin Hockey


Gross Motor




4 cones, 6 pins, a hockey stick and soft ball for each child.


Set up 3 pins on each end line.  Divide your class into 2 teams and place each team on one half of the gym.  Place a cone in each corner for the boundaries.


1. Each team must stay on their half of the room.

2. On ‘go’ each team will begin hitting balls at the opposing team’s pins.

3. The object is to knock over all 3 pins before they knock over your pins.

4. Balls must be hit low, sticks can only go ankle height when swinging them.

5. No player may cross the middle line during the game.

6. Children can hit any ball that comes their way.

Make it Easier: 

Use fewer pins and do not have any goalies guarding the pins.

Make it Harder:

Use more pins and allow one child to be the goalie of all the pins.

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