Rock-Paper-Scissors Evolution


Increase social comfort, learn names, improve verbal and non-verbal communication


8 or more




Gather the group in a designated area and explain the game's rules. The game involves players evolving through different stages, going from egg, to chicken, to dinosaur to rock star to superhero.
Each stage has a corresponding action that players must demonstrate.

Eggs will crouch low and walk with their hands on their head
Chickens will walk around, flap their wings and cluck like chickens
Dinosaurs will stomp around and roar
Rock stars will play air guitar
Superheroes will fly around

Players will play Rock Paper Scissors to determine who will advance to the next stage and who will regress to the previous stage. Players can only play Rock Paper Scissors with someone in the same stage of evolution, encouraging players to interact with a diverse group.


1. All players start as eggs.
2. Players pair up and play Rock Paper Scissors.
3. The winner evolves to the next stage, and the loser regresses to the previous stage. If the player is already an egg, they remain an egg.
4. Players pair up again with someone in the same stage of evolution.
5. The game ends when all players reach the superhero stage or when the time limit is up.


To speed up the game, allow players who lose Rock Paper Scissors to remain at their current stage.

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