Soccer Bowling


Speed, agility, eye foot coordination, gross motor


6 children per team at a time


Soccer ball, 10 bowling pins


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to bump into one another, no sliding on the floor


This is a fun, modified soccer game - with easy positions - that is challenging for both advanced players as well as beginner players. The goals are bowling pins which must be knocked down to score a point!


Divide the class in half, where 6 kids per team play at one time. If you have more kids in the class, children can sub in every few minutes. One child is the goalie, two kids are on defense, and 3 are offensive players, which includes one as the center.


The goalie must stay in the goalie box and is the only one who can use their hands.

Defense can only go on the half of the room their goalie is located.

When the game starts, the offense can only go on the side of the opposing team's goalie in an effort to knock over 1 pin which is a goal.

This game is played like a traditional soccer game, but to score a goal, one of the 5 pins must be knocked over. Once this occurs, rotate in new players and switch positions.

If a goalie accidentally knocks over a pin, it still counts as a point for the other team.


To make it harder, take away some of the pins.