Stick Handling Relay


Endurance, Gross Motor




2 hockey sticks, 2 small balls, 2 bowling pins, 6 cones


You can do this as a relay race or have the kids compete against each other individually.  Each team gets 1 hockey stick and 1 ball.  Place 3 cones in front of each team and a bowling pin at the far end line.


1. On ‘go’ the first child in line will start to dribble the ball towards the bowling pin on the opposite end line.

2. On the way, they must weave (figure 8’s) through all the cones in front of them.

3. When they get to the pin, they must go around it and come back.

4. If they accidentally knock over the pin, they must stand it up and start over.

5. Once they get back to the start line, they hand the stick and ball off to the next student in line.

6. The next student follows the same process.  The first team to finish wins the race.

Make it Easier: 

Use fewer cones and take away the bowling pin.

Make it Harder:

Substitute all the cones with bowling pins.

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