Beach Ball Volleyball


Gross motor skills, coordination, teamwork


Any group of kids with an even number of kids on two teams


Beach ball, net




Children should be careful not to bump into other children


Here's a fun modified volleyball game where the children use a beach ball to play the game, which promotes a higher degree of success.


Divide the class into 2 even teams. Split the room in half and place a net in the middle of the room to divide the teams. Game is played like traditional volleyball but using a beach ball for a higher degree of success.


Divide your class into 2 even teams.

Children must hit the beach ball over to the other side of the net in hopes the opposing team cannot return it back. Each time the other team cannot return the ball by hitting it back, the other team will receive a point.

A team can tap the ball as many times as they want to get the ball over the net.

No child can hit the ball two times back to back.

There are no out of bounds lines, everything is in play.

First team to 15 points wins the round.


To make it harder, make the maximum amount of taps of the ball each time the ball comes on a team's side to 3 taps. Anything more than 3 taps results in a point for the other team. Also, you can create boundaries where the ball must fall into play.

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