Door Blocker


Endurance, Gross Motor




Cones for goals, 20 small sponge balls, hockey sticks for each child


Set up small goals around your room using 2 cones.  Keep them about 4 feet apart.  Place one child between each set of cones as seen in image below.  Spread the rest of the class around the room with plenty of balls on the floor.


1. On ‘go’ the children who are not in the goals must dribble their ball around the room with the objective of hitting it between 2 cones being guarded by a classmate.

2. Each time they can hit the ball between 2 cones, they get a point, and must keep track of how many goals they get within 2 minutes.

3. After 2 minutes, whichever child made the most goals wins that round.

4. After the 2 minutes, switch the goalies.

5. For safety, no child can take a slap shot or swing the stick higher than their ankle.

Make it Easier: 

Use fewer balls but make the goals bigger.

Make it Harder:

Use more balls and make the goals smaller.

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