Igloo Builders


Teamwork, Fine Motor


8 or more


40 plastic cups, 4 sponge balls


Divide the class into 2 teams of 4 children.  If you have a large class, you will just rotate new teams in each round.  Give each team 20 large plastic cups and two sponge balls.


1. On ‘go’ each team is going to build an igloo (tower) using the plastic cups to see which team can build a higher igloo.  Each race last 2 minutes.

2. After 2 minutes, whichever team has a higher igloo wins.  If the level is the same height for both teams, whichever team used the most cups wins.

3. Within the 2 minutes, each team has 2 power balls to use.

4. At any time, they can roll their power ball to the opposing team’s side to try and knock over their cups which will cause them to start over.  The power balls are more of a distraction during the game.

Make it Easier: 

Increase the time limit from 2 minutes to 3 minutes and give the teams more cups to use. Do not use power balls at all.

Make it Harder:

Give each team ‘endless’ power balls to use during the game.

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