Name Scavenger Hunt


Strength, Endurance, Gross Motor


8 or more


Sticky notes, pencils, music


Give each child a sticky note and pencil. Have them write their name on the paper along with a simple fitness challenge and then stick it somewhere in the gym like on a wall or on the floor.


1. Start playing music for the students.
2. While the music is playing, have them either skip, gallop, jog or walk around the room.
3. When the music stops, they must run around the gym and collect a sticky note from another student.
4. Once they get the sticky note, they must sit on the floor, spread out.
5. Once all the kids have their note, the teacher will call one child at a time to stand up. They must introduce the child whose name is on the sticky note, and then the entire class must perform their simple fitness challenge.
6. Fitness challenges can be simple like do 5 push-ups, jog in place for 20 seconds, do 5 burpees or perform 15 jumping jacks.


The maximum amount of each exercise should not go over 5 repetitions or a length of 20 seconds.


The maximum amount of each exercise should not go over 10 repetitions or a length of 30 seconds.

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