Shotput / Marathon / Sprint


Endurance, Gross Motor




8 cones, 2 milk crates, 2 balls, floor tape


You can do this as a relay race or have the kids compete against each other individually.  Use cones to mark start and finish lines.  Use floor tape to mark ‘shot put’ throwing line along with a milk crate nearby to toss the ball into.  Use two cones to mark off jogging area.


1. On ‘go’ the first student sprints to the milk crate and takes out the ball.  They proceed back to the tape on the floor and then ‘shot put’ the ball into the milk crate until it goes in.

2. Next, they go to the ‘marathon’ area and jog 5 laps around the 2 cones.

3. From there, they must ‘sprint’ around their cone and run back to the start link.

4. Once they get back to the start line, they go to the end of the line as the next child in line starts the same pattern.  The first team to finish wins.

Make it Easier: 

Shorten the distance you have to throw the shot put as well as decreasing the number of laps the children have to jog.

Make it Harder:

Increase the distance the children have to throw the shot put as well as increasing the number of laps they have to run.

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