Throwing Relay


Teamwork, Gross Motor


8 or more


4 milk crates/boxes, 100 small balls


Place each team in a straight line that extends the length of the room.  Each team will also have 2 milk crates. 
Fill one of the milk crates with as many balls as you can, but make sure each team has an equal number of balls.


1. On the instructor’s signal, the first kid in line must take out a ball from their milk crate and pass it to the next kid in line.

2. The next child then passes it to the kid next to them.  This process is repeated until the last child in line catches the ball and then places it into their empty milk crate.

3. The child at the beginning can take another ball out of their box at any time to continue this process.

4. If a ball drops at any time, the child who dropped simply picks it up and continues the routine.

5. The first team to get all their balls moved from one crate to the other wins.

Make it Easier: 

Use less balls to get across the room

Make it Harder:

Once the team gets all their balls into the milk crate, they have to go back in the other direction to finish

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